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About Us

HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited

We have been in the business of providing management and consulting services to organizations and individuals on matters relating to occupational health, safety and environmental management, since 2010, particularly in the areas of legal compliance and meeting other statutory requirements.

We help companies achieve savings by avoiding accident-related fines and compensations at the workplace. Our greatest offering to you is safety in running your business.

To become an excellent point of reference for HSE consultancy services in Ghana

To provide quality consultancy services to our growing clients

Protecting lives, Preventing Fines

Accidents happen. Regardless of the business you are in, there is always the possibility of your business activities causing damage to someone’s health. Poor health and safety leads to illness and accidents, and results in significant costs and fines to your business. Workplace disasters put a dent on your company’s image; it therefore makes business sense to ensure the health and safety of employees and other people, and to protect the environment.

At HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited, we believe that effective health, safety and environmental practices have a great reward for companies. They improve your reputation with customers, the local community and your own employees.

Our Health, Safety and Environment solutions for your business goes beyond giving you minimum compliance to offer you the peace of mind to achieve your business objectives.

In our few years of existence, we have championed this course by delivering excellent HSE management services to both local and multinationals in the country. Our challenge is to build upon our past successes while continuing to adapt and change our organization to be a leader in this industry.

Within the next five (5) years, we plan to focus on the following four (4) strategic goals to achieve our vision and execute our mission:

  • Human Resource: Recruitment and retention of experienced staff as well as maintaining a strong and reliable network of top-notch industry HSE experts.
  • Marketing: Develop the HS+E brand into a successful international environment, occupational health, safety and ISO Management System Consulting business.
  • Operations: Complete and furnish our permanent office complex in Takoradi and maintain operational branch in Kumasi.
  • Finance: Demonstrate a financial return on investment and meet all statutory obligations.