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We are your ISO 9001:2015

Certified Company

Our commitment is expressed through certification to the ISO 9001:2015 International Standard
which serves as the vehicle for consistently providing excellent services to our Clients.

Environmental & Social

Impact Assessments

HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited works with local and international partners in providing training, consulting,
and guidance for sound environmental management in Ghana.

Establishment and Implementation

of ISO 9001:2015 for AIS - GCAA

Management and Staff of the Aeronautical Information Services (AIS) Section of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)
in an inception meeting to kick start the Quality Management System (QMS) - ISO 9001:2015 establishment process.

Certification of

Management Systems

HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited facilitates the certification of our clients'
management systems through our international partners.

Occupational Health

and Safety Management

We ensure that organizations have effective occupational health and safety systems in
place to protect employees, generate customer confidence and enhance business reputation.

Construction and


HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited works with local and international partners in
providing training, consulting, and guidance for sound environmental management in Ghana.

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HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited


We are the leading name in HSE Consultancy in Ghana

We are the leading name in HSE Consultancy in Ghana. Our Health, Safety and Environment solutions for your business go beyond giving you minimum compliance to offer you the peace of mind you need to achieve your business objectives.

HS+E Consulting Ghana Limited helps companies achieve savings by avoiding accident-related fines and compensations at the workplace. Our greatest offering to you is safety in running your business.

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Environmental Management

Environmental & Social Management

In pursuit of our mission statement, the company works closely with local and international partners in providing training, consulting, and guidance for sound environmental management in Ghana.

Certification of Management Systems
Certification of Management Systems

HS+E Consulting Ghana Ltd is very active in ISO Consultancy services that lead to certification of your Management System. We can be an effective link to international and local certification bodies for purposes of certification of your ISO management system.

Occupational Health and Safety in Ghana

Occupational Health and Safety

Our mission here is to promote a safe, healthy and sustainable work environment through formal occupational health and safety training and supervisions. We will offer formal training programmes structured…

Construction and Logistics Services in Ghana

Construction and Logistics

We can assist our clients in timely supply of quality chippings for all civil construction projects. Regardless of the type of service provided, clients can be assured of the quality and timely delivery of services from our dedicated staff.

From Our

Managing Director

Since 2009, we have been in the business of providing management and consulting services to organizations and individuals on matters relating to occupational health, safety and environmental management, particularly in the areas of legal compliance and meeting other statutory requirements.

In our few years of existence, we have championed this course by delivering excellent HSE management and ISO consultancy services to both local and multinationals in Ghana. Our challenge is to build upon our past successes while continuing to adapt and change our organization to maintain its leadership in this industry.

Rev. Ignatius D. Kansanga
Managing Director
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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    In its most simple terms, an environmental management system (EMS) is an approach to identifying the ways that the environment is impacted by our work activities. An EMS helps set priorities for action and it challenges each and every employee to continually look for ways to lessen those impacts and to protect the environment.

    An EMS is defined as a self-correcting and continual improvement system that seeks to reduce environmental impacts associated with a facility’s activities while helping to ensure compliance with environmental regulations. It provides a structured method for incorporating environmental considerations into day-to-day operations while promoting continual improvement of the environment and human health.

    Quality has been identified as Product or service is “a customer’s perception of the degree to which the product or service meets his or her expectations.”

    Quality System Standards Certificates are granted to business entities.

    Customers are the lifeline of any business! To keep customers and to keep them satisfied with your product or service must meet their requirements. ISO 9001 provides a tried and tested framework for taking a systematic approach to managing business processes to meet and exceed those requirements.

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